Jackson Pollock

from by Soft Cough

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Jackson Pollock
You're an alcoholic
And I think it's lame that you beat you beat your wife

Jackson Pollock
You were in a car crash
Man, those trees'll come and they'll take your life

I'll take you to the Rouen Cathedral,
But let me tell you this:
I've been there once before
And it seems like Claude Monet
Was full of shit
I've got the wrong impression
Nothing much to mourn
Come now it's the time of the Cezanne
I'd love to distort your form

I don't see what's special
About a luncheon on the grass
Sandwiches and Manets
We'd discuss the decadence
Of this and that

Matisse's livlihood; he kissed your purple hair
Ma jolie, you can be my Olympia, if you want so you can

Call me a Faux-vist
Call me what you want
As long as you don't see me
Or treat me as a dilletante
I feel beheaded

Its like I can't reach out to you
And like Rodin's Walking Man
It seems like I too will be walking soon

We can visit the Demoiselles
But I should warn you first
I've traveled long and far, but I've never seen girls like that in this universe

You think they're beautiful
I beg to disagree
Is there something more to this artwork
Something I can't see

~gtr solo~

Mrs De Kooning, I'm just assuming you werent thrilled by the way he drew you
Your feet were webbed, your hair unmade
And your eyes were the size of hand grenades
But oh, in the end what difference does it make?
After all its just farce for art's sake

If you had seen what I had made
When I was just a lad of the 2nd grade
You'd drop your jaw in awe
With markers on napkins I would draw
And you think this talent can't be taught
Well you'll be the first to know it looked a hell lot like George Seraut

Starry nights are cool and all
But think of all the musings of a bathroom stall
Porcelain fountain's fine,
But did it take stock in Baudelaire's mind?
All of the fleur du mal,
They're plucked before they bloom.
It's ennui, Van Gogh to Kandinsky, ma cherie, so you can...


from Soft Cough, released July 2, 2015



all rights reserved


Soft Cough Geneseo, New York

Soft Cough is based out of Geneseo, NY, a small college town outside of Rochester. We're extremely fortunate to be part of a prolific community of artists, musicians, and activists who all have a collective goal of propagating a creative community-based scene within our small town. We would not have been able to do this without the unconditional support of our friends and fans.

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